Saturday, July 9, 2011


Should I be worried that yesterday the only reason I didn't put the kettle in the fridge was because it was too big?  Then today I only just stopped myself before I watered my laptop instead of the plant next to it? At least I have accidental insurance cover I suppose ...


  1. When you put the washing up in the toilet bowl......THAT'S when you should worry. Just sayin, Cate x

  2. Just spat coffee over mine when i reads that! ...Sorry shouldn't laugh xxx

  3. Have you been repeating yourself yet....?

  4. Cate - Thanks love, I could still use the stuff in the washing up, after I had put them in the washing machine with bleach or summat obviously. But the phone call to the insurance when claiming for my laptop would be interesting: 'Yes, I watered it, fully expecting it to blossom but it went up in smoke & said pfttttt! ;0)

    Sue - that is called devine retribution I believe :0p

    Nets - sorry? ;0)