Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back in the jug agayne

Round 3 ding, ding! So, it is day two of five on S ward and nothing much to report except .... my pump, which pushes the dreaded clear liquid onto my vein, is held on a stalk with wheels ok? The one I was provided with yesterday had 5 wheels and 4 of them didn't move round in any useful direction.
Now, I like to break things up a little to try and get through the day quicker, I wheel my pump down to the canteen to have my dinner (that is lunch to you posh people), today was a very lovely bacon sarnie and a not quite so lovely (if they only used reall coffee beans), cappuccino.
At the beginning of my trek, I like to let my carer know that I am 'going daan' so they don't panic and think I have escaped out of the window, and because I was brought up not dragged up as Mum was always want to say.
I stopped and asked Nurse H if she knew where Nurse B was and she told me and asked if I was ok, I said B and I had been looking for a new stalk for my pump but were unsuccessful so I might be longer than usual. Nurse H asked me to wait, at which point Nurse Br promptly accused me of causing trouble, ha! she is on the ward in her civvies, which, knowing her that means she is not shifted to be on today, so she is working for free, again! Anyway, lovely Nurse H* reappears with only the Nimbus 2000 of pump stalks, special anti-lockingwheels, it glides accross the floor! So both Nurses H and Br then swapped the pump over and as soon as they pretended to believe I would not use it as a skateboard, they let me go.
The canteen is not really much to report on, the staff go out of their way to accommodate and are very polite. The most exciting observation was noticing my Oncologist had a junior doctor trailing her with the very same ensamble on ..... oops!
So here I sit, wibbling away awaiting the saint of mothers, the majestic Majella to arrive and as ever make me laugh and help me while away the time :0)

*It should be pointed out here that Nurse H travels by way of motor bike and has a healthy interest in velocity - in real life her motor bike is possibly a Puch maxi, so as thanks for H's kindness, here is a Harley Davidson 2011 Ultra Glide in Blue, which is what i would buy for you if I won the jackpot x


  1. Don't be daft ..real coffee in a hospital!!Bacon sarnie sounds good though..as long as it was crispy :)
    I had chicken and salad but seem to have come home with indigestion..probably from all the shouting ( at in mates) while eating it.
    Got any nice neighbours this time?
    Hope you are not too bored , can you watch one of your DVD's? Derek bought "unknown" today , even though I told him not to!
    Was hoping to go see Harry potter tomorrow night with school kids but they already have enough staff..it was going to be 3D anyway and I am not sure if I could have coped with my eye sight!
    Saw Janice on Sunday and she said to send her very best wishes to you.
    Love you hunny bunny xxxx

  2. The hospital you visited me in last summer has real coffee, but then again it has an M&S too!

    Bacon sarnie was indeed crispy, only way I can eat it.
    You really should eat in a room on your own, at least to eat your dinner.

    All other q's answered via email.

    Love you too babe xoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. I now have a wonderful image in my head of you skateboarding down to the canteen and back again with a bacon buttie in your hand :)
    I love you and will be organising some dark chocolate today.
    Here for you my lovely.
    From #3

  4. Don't worry about choc love, really, save pennies xoxoxox

    No skateboarding as Nurse H back tomorrow & would tell me off xoxox