Tuesday, October 4, 2011


If we can put something the size of a blue whale in the sky and get it to fly graciously,
If we can transport a molecule half way round the earth in the blink of an eye,
If we can walk on the moon,
If we can breathe liquid .....
...why can't we invent a new way of taking medication at home?
In the mornings, at present, I have six medicines to take, each one has a different texture, smell and taste and some also burn when I swallow them but are too important to leave out.
I get them all prepared and lined up with my banana milkshake (lifeline) at the end.
I generally alternate, take a medicine, take a few sips of milkshake, cough and splutter for fifteen minutes, clean up, pretend to be doing something else entirely like reading a comic or pulling dead leaves off plants, take a medicine, take fourteen sips of milkshake ..... till I run out of milkshake, (only three medicines imbibed!) until Ericka whips out another from the fridge (she has played this game before). . . you get the gist, it is crap and one uses up, what feels like, every ounce of energy imbibing 40Ml of liquid.
The scary thing is though, all it takes is one hiccup, cough, sneeze, slightly too large a sip, smell of someone else's cooking ... and it can all be cancelled out in moments as it comes back up!
There is a general rule of thumb for situations like this, unless you can see the whole tablet, you cannot take it again straight away. So that was me Sunday morning, utterly banjaxed and hardly able to walk back upstairs to bed.
My pain medication is light years ahead though, I wear a patch! (I am sure not every medication is agreeable to this form of delivery, but cummon! There must be a few more).
There are other ways of taking medications, injection (this can be set up for home use via semi-permanent tube into the stomach, but is rather drastic for 40Ml of liquid), suppositories - I could incredibly easily be wrong here, but don't the French use suppositories quite often? Believe me, after recent events I would rather shove a tablet up my bum! Even Dr Bones' use of air injection is purported to be in use in some medical facilities, I know we shouldn't have that method available in the home as it could be regarded as a lethal weapon, but puhleeeze! (Sorry I think it might have been bad judgement for me to follow suppositories with air injection, hey ho!).
That's today's rant over, and just for the heck of it, does this guy look cool or what?!!!!!


  1. Awwwww Darling if I could take it for you , i would ((((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))
    love you

  2. Bastarding drugs (I said that earlier I think)
    I have to say that (obviously innocent) I have no idea what an air injection is. Dare I google?
    I love you sweetheart, rant away as an when you need to. Always here for you xXx